Public Interventions

P| A | N : Proyecto Amasandería Nacional

Espacios Revelados / Changing Spaces
Barrio Yungay, Santiago, Chile
April 2016
Catalina Pollak Williamson + Workshop Latitud Sur 2016 - Facultad Arquitectura Arte Diseño, Universidad Diego Portales
Photo credits: Nicole Diaz, Simon Gallardo, Angelina Dotes

Proyecto Amasandería Nacional is a mobile bakery that travels the streets of Barrio Yungay inviting the newly arrived communities of immigrants to participate of a collective action: to produce and bake their own bread. Bread then, in its universal simplicity and cultural density, becomes a vehicle for social integration and a catalyst for the production of cohesive public space in a neighbourhood challenged by the flows and clashes of new cultures.


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