Public Interventions

P|A|N Matera 2019

Matera, Basilicata, Italy.
June 2019


Catalina Pollak Williamson, Massimo Casiello (stamp production workshop)


Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019 - Murgiamadre for ‘BreadAway, La vie del pane’.


Francesca Ceccotti



P | A | N (Matera 2019) is a communal bakery that invites the community of Piccianello to bake bread collectively in public space. In the form of a performative street action, the project re-enacts Matera´s old tradition of bread-making and the use of communal ovens, a practice that was common in the Sassi until the 1950s. Piccianello was one of the first social housing experiments build to house the people that was displaced from the Sassi when these were declared unfit for inhabitation during the postwar reconstruction period.

Through both, the production of traditional wooden bread stamps as an imprint of identity (a sign to mark ownership of the bread), and the collection of recipes from the participants, the project develops into a social archive that documents the memory of place embedded in the narratives and artefacts of bread-making.

Lastly, P | A | N asks the neighbours of Piccianello whether they would like the municipality to allow for the construction of a communal oven in Piazza Marconi. The collected signatures are then put together as a public petition to the Mayor of Matera.


P | A | N  MATERA 2019