We are what we do. Collaboratively. Critically. With concerns about the city and its public spaces. About its politics. About its publics. Through Research. Through engagement. The more everyone participates, the more it is Public Interventions.


Public Interventions is led by Catalina Pollak Williamson who is an architect, artist and urban activist working and researching cross-disciplinary processes that use participation and play as methodologies to drive urban and social change. She is particularly interested in the potential of play as a relational process that can contribute to the development of capabilities and civic agency in the production of more empowered and engaged citizens. Through the production of socio-spatial interventions within contested urban contexts, her work invites participation as a form of collective co-production of public space by engaging publics with their social and cultural heritage through the development of new temporary practices of 'commoning’.



  • Pollak, Catalina: Outsider: Public Art and the Politics of the English Garden Square, common-editions, London, 2015.
  • Phantom Railings - ARQ 88 Heritages/Patrimonios, 2014.


The Gods: Dar Vida a Descalzos

P | A | N


The Garden Square Project

Phantom Railings

Public Presentations:


  • P | A | N M a t e r a. As part of the 2019 European Capital of Culture programme.
    Matera, Lucania, Italy > > > > June 7,8,9.
  • SITE Gallery, Sheffield. City of Ideas Project. Public Talk > > > > May 9th 2019.
  • MSc Urban Design and Development. DPU, UCL. Talk: Participation and Critical Play.


  • Institute of Global Prosperity UCL. Soundbite Talk: The production of Play.
  • V&A Museum. Practices of Engagement. Arts and Humanities Research Council + Victoria & Albert Museum. Workshop.
  • IV Istanbul Design Biennale School of Schools. Selected Proposal.
  • University of East London. Conference: Knowledge Exchange 2018.
  • TATE Exchange & Counterpoint Arts. Who we are: Art, Migration and the production of Democracy. Exhibit.
  • Hacettepe University, School of Social and Political Sciences, Ankara, Turkey.


  • XX Bienal Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Chile: Diálogos Impostergables. Exhibit.
  • Cities in Transition International Workshop, Ankara, Turkey.
  • London Festival of Architecture 2017. Exhibit.
  • University of East London. Conference: Knowledge Exchange 2017.
  • Royal College of Art, London. Conference: MEDIATIONS, Art, and Design Agency and Participation in Public Space. Exhibit.
  • Centre for Urban Conflict Research, University of Cambridge. Workshop: Doing Architectural Research, socio-political perspectives on theories, methodologies & praxis.


  • NAVE, Santiago, Chile. Symposia: The return of Art to Public Spaces.


  • Architectural Association, London. Outsider book launch and discussion with Rory Hyde, Andreas Lang and Gonzalo Herrero.
  • MilM2, Santiago, Chile. Outsider book launch and discussion with Pablo Rivera, Ignacio Szmulevic, Sophie Halart.